WhereNext People - An Interview with Community Manager Alejandro Rivera

Introducing our Community Manager, Alejandro Rivera. As a former journalism student with experience working in communications, social media strategy, and digital marketing for some of Colombia’s biggest media outlets, Alejandro brings a wealth of experience to our digital marketing team.

WhereNext People - An Interview with Community Manager Alejandro Rivera

WhereNext’s Community Manager, Alejandro Rivera

WhereNext’s Community Manager, Alejandro Rivera

Introducing our Community Manager, Alejandro Rivera. Alejandro studied Journalism at Bogota’s Rosario University. His experience in social media, communications, and digital marketing includes periods working for El Tiempo, CityTV and Semana Magazine. For Semana, he worked on social media strategy for the Venezuelan Migration Project’s Inocencia Desplazada report in 2021. This report won the prestigious Simón Bolívar Prize. In his free time, Alejandro enjoys learning languages, meditation, and Arabic dance.

Tell us about yourself.

Hi there! I’m Alejandro Rivera, from Bogotá, Colombia. I studied Journalism, and I've worked in social media and digital marketing since 2018. My favorite subjects are culture, art, sustainability, and travel. I'm a really active person, so my time is divided between my job at WhereNext, family, friends, self-taught language learning, meditation, and my biggest passion: oriental dance, specifically Arabic.

Tell us about your most memorable travel experience.

I have had a lot of memorable experiences. Still, the first one that comes to mind was in 2019 in Mutatá, Antioquia, where I had the opportunity to meet the community of the Jaikerasabi indigenous reservation. It was so inspiring to see their resilience and the way they have developed productive projects to go ahead. Also, at night, I could witness a clear sky with the brightest stars I've ever seen.

WhereNext Community Manager

Alejandro loves to travel. Here he is at Chichen Itza in Mexico

Dead or alive, who would you like to join you on an adventure?

My brother, because he's a really fun person and has taught me to find surprises in everything around me.

What are your travel equipment essentials?

My travel equipment essentials are comfortable sneakers, necessary clothing according to the weather (and time I'd be out), lotion, sunscreen, and water. Also, I like to keep with me: a diary, pencils, a powerbank, and a camera to immortalize memories.

Alejandro Rivera WhereNext Community Manager

Alejandro during a trip to Colombia’s Santander region

When did you feel happiest?

I'm grateful I've experienced many happy moments in my life, so it's hard to name just one. However, after some therapy sessions, I realized the importance of being present, so I try to find happiness in every moment of every day.

Who taught you your biggest life lessons, and what was it?

My parents taught me the power of love and the importance of values. Also, there's a phrase from my dance mentor, Julia Farid, from Ukraine, that's always in my mind: "A successful dancer is a patient dancer." I apply this phrase not only while dancing but in my everyday life to remember to be kind to myself, enjoy the road and celebrate small, medium, and big goals.

You can teleport to any restaurant on earth: where do you go, and what do you order?

I love gastronomical experiences, especially with French food, so I'd be happy to teleport to any patisserie in Paris, one of my dream cities to visit.

Tell us about the most adventurous food you ever ate.

During a dance festival, I had the opportunity to eat Холодець (Kholodets), a typical Ukrainian dish. It's a big jelly with vegetables, bay leaves, meat, and chicken inside. I don't know exactly how to describe it best, but it was like a chicken soup with a different texture.

Drink of choice?

Tea or strawberry juice.

Where do you feel most at home?

When I'm with my parents and brother, sharing some food and watching TV together at night. Also, when I improvise in a dance studio.

Alejandro Rivera WhereNext

Alejandro is a passionate dancer