Big Egg write about their ongoing work with ideal to showcase the importance of smart buildings.


It's a brand new year, which means there's a bunch of exciting projects on the horizon. 

One of these is fantastic new 8-part video series with Ideal Brighton; a business who design, deliver and manage networks and smart services for some of Europe’s smartest buildings. The first video (seen below) focusses on this work, using 22 Bishopsgate, London, as an example.

For this we decided to go with a blended approach between live action and animation to help visualise the neuro-pathways that live within the building . 

Ideal describe the importance of their work with the following:

"Increasingly, the role of the network is being recognised as core to the Technological Foundation of a successful Smart Building. By engaging Ideal to advise on, design, implement and provide managed services for the core network, key systems are connected, required data is accessible and managers have the flexibility required to deliver on the ongoing performance of the Smart Building."

For a comprehensive case study on why a smart building is becoming more and more essential - you can read Ideal's full case study here.